End of Life Care

Choosing when to say goodbye to your beloved companion is one of the hardest decisions to make as a pet owner. It is also the greatest gift, as you can end their pain. Euthanasia at home can take the anxiety and stress out of a visit to the vet clinic, especially for animals with poor mobility.


Species and Service Area

Currently I see dog and cat patients inside the perimeter. Dogs over 100lbs will incur an extra fee.



All scheduling will be done online as it is the most accurate reflection of my availability. There may be limited spots available to ensure that each family has enough time with their pet.



Payment will be taken at the time of scheduling. Given the sensitive nature of these appointments, full refunds will be given up until 6 hours prior to the appointment time. For euthanasia with individual cremation, the cost is $400, and cremation will be charged separately by Deceased Pet Care. For euthanasia with communal cremation (no ashes returned), the cost is $450. 


What to Expect

Upon arrival, we’ll discuss your pet’s history, address any questions or concerns, and allow everyone to get comfortable. When you’re ready, treats and snacks can be given if your pet has an appetite and I’ll give an injection of a sedative under the skin, similar to a vaccine. Within a few minutes, they’ll be in a deep sleep. When you’re ready, I’ll give an injection of the euthanasia solution to allow for their peaceful passing. I’ll listen to their heart to confirm, and you are welcome to spend as much time with them as you wish.


COVID Precautions

I will be masked throughout the appointment. I ask that for the safety for myself and other clients, no one in the household is currently in isolation or symptomatic.


Family and Pets

The decision whether to allow children and other pets to be present for the euthanasia is a personal one. There is no right answer, but we’ll support you throughout. For more information, please visit the Ohio State University’s ‘Honoring the Bond’ page.



We have partnered with Deceased Pet Care for aftercare services, and transportation to their facility in Chamblee is included. With dogs over 70lbs I may require assistance getting the dog into my vehicle as I work alone. For individual cremation (ashes returned), Deceased Pet Care will contact you directly within 24-28 hours regarding urns and keepsakes. For communal cremation, no ashes will be returned.